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Short psychological horror game created for "My First Game Jam" 2020.

You just moved to a new apartment to start a new life. Everything seems good  but   the more the days go by, the more strange things happen. 

Wherever you go, he will always be there with you.


Hope you'll like it.
The game is primarily a "walking simulator".
Do not hesitate to tell me what you think of it, good or bad,  it would really help me for my futures projects.

(No songs are copyrighted in this game)


Controls : 


Gamepad :



Posters :

@daedalvs.design (Daedalvs Studio)

Radio and credit :  


Soundtrack :

Helios  ヘリオス (Daedalvs Studio)


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really great short game! Can’t wait to see more from you. Please check out my play through below :) x 

Thanks for playing !

For the cardboxes, it's a way to represent the fact to move out. When we think about a boxes, generally, we think about that, that's why I used boxes. The game is a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out again and again.

Interesting short psychological horror game. I'm so curious as to what was invited into this guy's life that haunts him so. Is it devil worshipping as hinted by the posters of the movie "Hereditary". Great first game man.

Hey, thanks for playing ! 

So, RC means "rez-de-chaussée" in french (Ground Floor) !

And for the meaning, it's a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out from apartment to another. The boxes represent the fact to move out and the creature, the allegorie. These will always be there with you if you don't try to solves these problems you have instead of flee. :)

So, it was on purpose the fact the fridge was turned but not intentional that it was back to normal in the level after ahah

Great video !

this game was interesting to play. good job you guys

love your game and the slendy boi !

Cool first game! 

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Hello! I recently played your game and really enjoyed it! I used in part of my latest "3 scary games" youtube video. Thanks a bunch for making a fun game =)


Cool and Spooky! 

It was okay
The performance was horrible...
The environment was pretty alright but you could've done more with the other rooms (upstairs, downstairs). I know it's not supposed to be a long game.  The sounds were mediocre and the monster design was pretty trashy. Though I did get chills when you wanted to exit your appartment but kept waking up in your room and then the radio changes everytime you wake up, that's what I really liked. But it has too few horror elements imo and I did kind of expected a jumpscare but there was no. For such short game and especially for that kind of a game, a jumpscare would've been good. 

I still thank you for this experience :)


Hey, thanks for taking time to play my game.
What do you mean by performance ?
Glad you still had some chills for that part.

For the rest, I already know that since I did things quickly because I had 2 weeks for the game jam. That's why I'm reworking on it :)

Also, for the jumpscares, I try to avoid that. I'm not really into jumpscares, I prefer working on atmospheres !

I work hard on doing a good update and expand the game.

Thanks for your feedback.

Well..it is really laggy. I'm not sure if it could be my PC since my specs are pretty good: 

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti 4GB


So I doubt that the lag is caused by my PC.  But what I mean is that it's low FPS. 
And yes I understand that you prefer working on atmosphere, it's just really hard to do that with a short game...but nothing's impossible! 
I'm looking forward to your remake! :)


I can understand, I absolutely didn't optimize it, but it's strange since it worked on many others PC.

Sure but I wanted to try and I'm glad to have finish a little game for a game jam.
Now I have more time so I can work better on it !

Pretty good. Some spooky weirdness going on here.

fantastic little game  i enjoyed it :)

This game was fun and it really had a horror vibe to it, really different then your basic jumpscare games out there I cant wait to see what you have coming up next thanks for the great game

Thanks for playing man !
I try to avoid  jumpscares and build atmospheres.
Also, RC means "rez-de-chaussée" in french (Ground Floor)

Made a video on this game, it wasn't too bad for a Game Jam game! Thanks for making it!

Hey thank you for your feedback at the end. I already watched your video a couple of days ago but totally forgot to comment on it so here it is :

I used the boxes because it's the best way to represent when you move out. When we think about a boxes, generally we think about that, that's why I used boxes. The game is a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out again and again.

I'm working on a future update with more lore, content, etc. :)
Thank you for taking your time playing it !

That makes sense! Keep up the good work! I'll be on the look out!

I'm never moving into a new apartment ever again lol This was great and super creepy! Well done! 

Hey ! I saw your video some days ago but forgot to comment.
Your video made me laugh :)

The fact there's no walls, it's because it's supposed to be a "dream sequence" (maybe ? hehe)

Shame, at the end, the last level before the cinematic you missed a little something through the window ;)

Your interpretation at the end was really interesting !
The game is actually a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out again and again. It will always be there with you if you don't try to solve these.

Thanks for playing !

One of the games i played was this one, and i found it super interesting, i think you should add more, maybe more environments as well. I loved how smooth the game performed.

Very nice haunted apartment sim. Loved that you didn't resort to constant jumpscares; atmosphere was great.


Creepy atmosphere! Pretty interesting for a first game, looking forward towards your future projects!

Thanks for playing !

I prefer old horror movies too but there's some cool new horror movies too (like Hereditary), just not as much as the old ones

And you're the first one to understand that there's a towel on the mirror to not look at ourself. Generally peoples don't understand

Also, shame you missed something through the window during the last level before the cinematic ;)

I'm glad you liked the game and the atmosphere !
I'm actually working on a big update since the Game Jam is finished.

And for your interpretation, you're really really  near the meaning :)

Great video

(1 edit)

Not bad. I especially liked the music and sound effects which are important to build atmosphere. 

Something that might be improved upon: The objectives weren't always clear at first. I wasn't sure what happened when went through the door labeled "RC." I'm guessing that I went to work? Maybe adding some dialogue as to what the character wants/needs might help with that.

If ever you decided to expand upon the project or create a new one, here are a couple things I think the game could be enhanced with: More interactable items (like the computer, the fridge, stove, sink, bathroom, etc.). Maybe even interacting with the neighbors, or being able to hear footsteps/talking/tv above or next to your apartment. 

Hey thank you for your feedback and for playin it !
So yes, I planned to expand the game and already planned adding everything you said, I agree with you, it definitely need more interaction. I started to add some !

Had a lot of fun with this one. Captures the psych aspect of psych-horror pretty well! Gameplay here. More thoughts at the end :D Keep it up

, Daedalvs

Was a fun short horror game. After Ibplayed the game originally I watched others videos. I definitly missed a lot lol

Ahah yes, I see that, especially when you're in the last loop in the apartment, through one of the windows ;)
Thanks for playing !

(2 edits)

Creepily Funny..

I found the game to be a bit funny because of the boxes that kept spawning in as the game progressed, but the monster itself to be very creepy. I liked the story that was being built up, but it sort of felt forced.. Then again, it is just a personal preference for me to have more story in these games.. Anyway, I enjoyed it. The music in the radio built up a good atmosphere, and the hallucination idea was very-well done! One issue I had was while reading the text one part would overlay the words, making it impossible to read. The other would be a personal preference of the slight lack of background music, although it does deliver a good creep factor to the game. I do wish it was a bit longer, maybe then it could build up more with his parents and such.. Either way, I can't complain as I enjoyed my time anyway! 4/5 from me!

Thanks for playing my game man !
You're kind of destabilized, that's why there's always boxes moving everywhere. The boxes are a representation of moving out in the collective unconscious. :)

The game is a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out again and again. Wherever you go, it'll always be there with you.

I'm actually working on an update to polish the game and add more content/Story. I understand, a lots of people wanted more story but, it was kind of hard in 2 weeks to do more :)

For the issue, I saw that a multiple times and will correct it but thanks for your feedback !

Great video too, you made me laugh when the monster was in the apartment and you spammed the neighboor's doors


Very creepy game and a very creepy experience. I enjoyed this game. I did a playthrough of this game and I will link it below if you are interested in watching.

Hey ! Thanks for playing !
For the door that can't be closed, I'll correct that for the update ;)
Glad you liked the game and hope the creature didn't haunt you during your sleep

great game! I like how everytime you wake up, somethings change, giving the pt vibes, and encountering the monster was very terrifying, overall, i rate it 7/10

Hey, thanks for playing :)
So, RC means "rez-de-chaussée" in french (It's the ground floor)
For the "dream sequence" it was intentionnal that there was no wall, to confuse people like "are we dreaming or is it real life ?" that's why you can "go to sleep" during this sequence.

Also, spoiler, there's no basement, the door is closed .. but will be open in the future update ;)

I loved it <3 the whole aspect of silent jumpscares from Ari Aster's movies! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Thank you very much ! (I saw a little bug with the text in the dream sequence ! I'll correct all these bugs)

I'm not really into jumpscares, I prefer working on the atmosphere, I find that scarier ;)
Silent jumpscares is a cool concept and better that simple jumpscares


I totally agree with you :) Nice to know that you actually watched the playthrough and noticed a bug! :) Cheers!


This was REALLY good! Has a nice slow buildup of tension leading up to encountering a genuinely terrifying monster in a subtle, yet extremely creepy way. I love games like that aren't in your face when it comes to scares. Fantastic game! 

(1 edit)

I wish it was had more jumpscares but really nice job guys! 

Hey, thanks for playing !
I'm not really into jumpscares, I prefer working on the ambiance of a game.

But glad you still liked the game :)

This hangs on the loading screen.

Hey, sorry for this issue. Honestly, I really don't know where it can come from. The game work on many others computer but I didn't optimizedit so it can come from here.

But for the update I'll try to optimize it as much as I can and put settings too !


Cool thanks

It was an interesting game. Was definitely fun to play, and has an interesting backstory to the playable character. You've absolutely nailed the dark atmosphere to where I was really , really spooked while walking in the stairwell the second time. And I think that the art through the posters was amazing!

Now the only things I wished there were more of in the game were the story; I found it really interesting and engaging in just the letter alone but wished there was more of it. As to why the player is hallucinating, and why the emphasis on boxes and also why we moved. And also wished there was more answers to who the monster was and why is he around us? I think that it's more than a monster and more of the player's fears from their hallucinations or a metaphor for a dark part of the player's issues, but it's not fully explored in there. If it was, I might have missed the parts, and I apologise for that.

Another thing I wish that had some explanation is what the player is doing when they go into the Rec Centre, and why time skips a lot. I understand you tried to keep the game short, but maybe a little more of a routine and seeing what the mundane tasks would emphasise the spooks and scares a lot more!

Another thing you should add more of in future updates is the scares. Because you absolutely nailed the ones that you did in the game (except the last one, which will be discussed in a bit). The part where you can see the monster in the dark and disappears when the player turns the light on and also when the monster is viewable through the crack of the door was absolutely amazing and was one of the better scares I've seen in many horror games. This goes to show that games do not need jump scares or loud sounds to be scary, and you've done so much more than a lot of horror games just by the ambience, and psychological scares. 

But you've done it so well in the parts that were meant to be scary that the parts that were the normal walking time was a little lackluster. I do understand that there can't be scary parts everywhere, but I wished that the stairs had something that would give me a fright or keep me on edge because it was the perfect setting; dark shadows, flashy lights, enough space for a monster, multiple floors. The disappearing painting was a nice touch, though an explanation as to why would make it more enthralling into the whole game.

The last thing that I would suggest maybe tweaking would be the final scare at the end when the monster pops out of the ceiling and drops down on the player. And I personally think that this would be more scary/ meaningful of a scare if there was more backstory and story throughout the game, that would make the monster dropping down on the player an eye opener or making the player think. 

Sorry for the huge wall of comment but yeah, it was  hoenstly a great game. You have nailed the atmosphere and also the spooks and done them really well. The lighting and background music just went so well together that I ended up sweating bullets while exploring the map. 

Good luck on future updates if you do, do them and future projects!

Wow ! Such a big  feedback. Thanks for taking time to write this, I really appreciate :)

I'm really glad you liked the atmosphere, I did my best during these 2 weeks to bring something decent, something that people may feel with the OSTs, the creature and lights.
I wanted to let players interpret with what I gave them for the story (I mean, with the time I had) but I'll definitely add more lore later. I know people love that and are curious about the story of the character and the monster. It's a representation of trying to escape problems by moving out again and again. Wherever you go, it'll always be there with you.
You're kind of destabilized, that's why there's always boxes moving everywhere. Cardboard boxes are the best object to represent the fact to move out in the collective unconscious.

So, RC doesn't mean "Rec Center", it's the ground floor (RC stand for Rez-de-chaussée in french). Basically, you just go to work and come back to home. I wanted to add something, a little sound but I forgot and at the end I didn't had the time to add something here, but there will be in the update.

I'm not into jumpscares, I prefer working on the atmosphere, the ambiance to make people feel something than just a jumpscare that scare you once and that's all. It's more visceral if the fear comes from the atmosphere.

I wanted to add maybe the monster walking in the stairs like, we could just see his legs or even just a sound but again, didn't had the time. we will see these things in the update.

The last cinematic means that the creature is part of us. A personification of every problems we try to escape.

Thanks for playing the game, for the comment/feedback, I really appreciate :)

Ah, a lot of horror games are more literal so I've started looking at the literal side of the game and it's meaning. So it's honestly a real refresher to see a game which has a depth to it and one must see the deeper side of the game rather than take everything literally.  And I'm a huge fan of creating scare through atmosphere and ambience too, and you've done it really well here. And yeah, can't wait for more as you've done a really great job. So good luck for the future!

Exactly, that's why I want to create horror games :)
Something with a story, with depth and immersive. I want people feel what  the character feel, even better, I want the player BEING the character.

Thank you very much, really !

Horror apartment?

This is one of the better games I have found on itch.io, is this your first game?? It is incredible!

Anyway, I did a video on it and the recording of its game got corrupted so I included a small section at the end of my video saying how good the game was.

I was really bummed that it got corrupted but it is my own fault not the fault of the game!

Hey, yes, it's my first game and first game jam !

No problem, I'm just glad you played it and liked it :)

This game was very well done! Creepy atmosphere, scary looming monster, sense of confusion and dread. I loved everything about it! I can't wait to see what you create next!!


This game's is sooooo nice i like a lot 100/100


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁

Who scary is it?? I want to cause nigthmares to a friend??


This game has such a good, creepy atmosphere and the monster is super scary, but could use a few more sound fx. Great game though, I really liked it.


really good for your first project! Hope we see more like this from you heres my gameplay enjoy:


The game's a nice first entry to the world of game development. I only wish there was more lore within the game. But besides that, not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Fantastic first entry. Welcome to itchio! Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, and I can't wait to see what you have next. I think you have tons of potential, and are bound to make some great horror games. I'm especially excited to see what you can do with more time, since this was a jam entry. Keep it up!


Hey ! Thank you very much.
I'll do some updates for the game and I'm on another project in collaboration with my good friend Cochmar (She did 2 posters in Between These Walls). Naturally, it will be an horror game ;)


Really creepy, the monster design was great and the build up was solid.


Thanks for the fun :D 

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